Summit Spotlight: Singer/Songwriter Hilary Weeks

hilary weeks

Hailing from the stunning landscapes of Colorado, Alaska and Utah, singer and songwriter Hilary Weeks has consistently found creative inspiration in her surroundings. While her musical career began on a grand white piano in Anchorage, it continues amongst the enriching backcountry of Summit Creek.

When Hilary isn’t topping Billboard Magazine’s charts with her uplifting chords, you can find her involved in charitable efforts, snowshoeing, cooking, or simply spending time with her husband and four daughters.

We sat down with Hilary to get an inside look into her inspired lifestyle at Summit Creek, where she finds the ultimate harmony between music and nature.

We understand you were born in Colorado and raised in Alaska—what ultimately brought you to Utah?

I definitely enjoy living in a place where I get to experience all four seasons. Fall is my favorite and winter is my least favorite, but this year I took up snowshoeing on the trail behind our home in Summit Creek and winter took on a whole new meaning. I actually found myself thinking, bring on the snow!

I loved growing up in Alaska. The breathtaking beauty is hard to match. I grew up surrounded by rugged mountains and tall spruce trees and, In a way, I feel like I’ve come home now that we live at Summit Creek. Once again, I am living side by side with Mother Nature.

Can you tell us a little bit about your family?

My husband is an entrepreneur at heart and owns Company Vitals, which is a team of accounting professionals who help small and mid-sized businesses with their accounting and finance needs. Tim is one of the kindest people I know and he integrates that compassion into each project. Every member of Company Vitals cares deeply about his/her clients and their client’s families—it’s truly rewarding to watch everyone succeed and grow together.

Tim and I have four fun, energetic, talented and beautiful daughters. I’m slightly biased, but if you met them, you just might agree! I love being with my family more than anything. It doesn’t matter what we are doing—as long as we are together.

Hilary weeks with family

As a singer/songwriter how does your living environment impact your work?

When I was a teenager I was asked to house sit for some family friends while they were out of town. I would bring in the mail and water the plants. And, it just so happened they had a lovely, white, grand piano in their living room, complete with large windows revealing incredible ocean views of Cook Inlet. I remember sitting at their piano (after I watered the plants, of course) and playing song after song surrounded by that stunning scenery. My creativity seems to flow like honey on warm corn bread when my surroundings are inspiring. I can honestly say the beauty that encompasses Summit Creek inspires me daily.

How do you like to describe your music?

I like many genres of music, but my favorite music to compose is Christian Inspirational. I have charted three times in the Top 10 on the Christian Billboard Charts. It was incredibly exciting to see that happen; although, sadly, it doesn’t mean I get chauffeured to Costco or Target now. Nope, I still have to drive myself just like everyone else. Oh well.

Is there anything in particular that you’re working on right now?

It seems like I’m always working on something, whether it is music related or just something I hope adds more good to the world. I recently released a Pass-Back-and-Forth Journal for Mothers/Daughters and Mothers/Sons. It is deliberately designed to bring families together, building trust and enhancing communication. This fun and meaningful journal provides an opportunity for mothers and children to develop and build the most crucial relationships. Can you tell I get a little excited about it?

Another venture I am really excited about is the Love Your Life Gatherings I am hosting with author/speaker Emily Freeman. This is a tri-annual gathering that is designed to set and keep us on a path of intentional living. It is founded on the idea that we have the choice and ability to live a life we love! And, the best part? The gathering takes place in the quiet haven of the Summit Creek Community Center, nestled amidst breath-taking views. The perfect place for mindfulness and inspiration.

How do you balance being an artist and a mom?

family photo of hilary weeksI realized early on, when my kids were toddlers, I didn’t have big chunks of time anymore to accomplish some of my hobbies andinterests, like songwriting. So, in between diaper changes and naps, I learned to work hard during small increments of time, making the most of 15 minutes here and 20 minutes there. I discovered a lot could be accomplished during those short but focused allotments of time.

Beyond music and family, what are your hobbies or interests?

I love to cook, mostly because I love to eat. I love to exercise, mostly because I love to eat (there’s a pattern here). I also enjoy digital scrapbooking
and hiking; and, I love taking naps, although it doesn’t happen as often as I’d like! My mom recently gave me a t-shirt that said, “I already want to take a nap tomorrow.” Suited me perfectly.

How did you first hear about Summit Creek, and what was your first impression upon visiting?

My husband, Tim, found the house we bought while looking online. I had absolutely no intention of moving but when he showed me the pictures of the house, I said, “Can we go see it?” We drove to Summit Creek the next morning and fell in love immediately. As we drove away from Summit Creek I made this cheeky comment to Tim…“Just so you know, I’m moving here, and I hope you’ll come with me!”

How familiar were you already with the Wasatch Range area where Summit Creek resides?

Several years ago I did a private concert in a home in Woodland Hills. As we arrived on location, I said to Tim, “I could live here.” Who knew that just a few years later, we actually would!

Away from, but nearby Summit Creek, tell us some of your favorite places to dine, play, shop and experience?

Would it be strange to say I love Stokes, the local grocery store? I was so worried to leave our big, marketplace grocery store in Lehi because I didn’t think anything else could be as good. But, I have to admit, I love Stokes even more! We have found everything we need in this area—dentists, doctors, shopping, restaurants. We love it. And, as if it couldn’t get any better, I just found out TJ Maxx is coming soon. I’ve died and gone to Heaven.

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