12 Master Planned Communities In Utah

Introduction To Master Planned Communities In Utah

Utah boasts several master-planned communities, with many recognizing the luxurious options in the ski areas of Park City. Additionally, the state offers a diverse range of such communities catering to various buyer groups.

Join us for a review of some of Utah’s finest master-planned communities! While this post isn’t intended to rank them, certain communities may suit you better than others. We hope this guide assists you on your journey to finding your ideal home!

No 1. Summit Creek Utah

Summit Creek Utah is a master-planned community located in Woodland Hills, Utah. The community features custom homes ranging from 1.2M all the way up to 4M on large estate lots, averaging about .67 acres, but going up to multiple acre homesites. 

What Sets Summit Creek Apart?

Summit Creek offers an excellent amenities package relative to the HOA fees, which is a unique balance that is hard to find anywhere else. Something else that sets Summit Creek apart are the views. Because of the thick and lush vegetation on Summit Creeks rare north-facing bench, the setting is truly one of a kind.

Who Is Likely To Buy At Summit Creek? 

Summit Creek is likely to draw clients interested in constructing a luxury custom home in an exclusive neighborhood but who prefer not to incur large fees for golf and club memberships.

Individuals who prioritize being surrounded by and immersed in nature tend to gravitate towards Summit Creek, thanks to its excellent amenities package, which includes a pool, fitness center, clubhouse, pickleball, and miles of trails.

Summit Creek Utah Contact Information

Website: SummitCreekUtah.com

Phone Number: 801-639-0944

Email: info@summitcreek7.com

Summit Creek Utah is a master planned community in utah

No. 2 Suncrest

Encompassing over 3,900 acres, Suncrest sits beautifully on top of Traverse Mountain in Draper, Utah. Residents of Suncrest enjoy a unique blend of amenities, views, mountain trails, and proximity to silicon slopes. 

What Sets Suncrest Apart?

Suncrest is unique for a couple of reasons, but if we had to pick just one, it would be it’s unique proximity to the tech and retail corridors on either side of “the point of the mountain,” a well known landmark / geographic barrier that separates Utah County from Salt Lake County. If you live in Suncrest you have easy access to both counties! This equates to unique access to shopping, workplaces, and much more.  

Who Is Likely To Buy At Suncrest?

Like a few of the other communities on this list, Suncrest is likely to attract a range of residents! While you can find townhomes from the high 400k’s and single family homes as low as the high 600k’s, most homes will range from 1M–1.5M.

Pricing set aside, families and individuals looking for amenities and a family friendly lifestyle with access to the mountains are likely to consider Suncrest.  

Suncrest Contact Information

Website: SuncrestLifestyle.com

Phone Number: Contact Your Realtor

Suncrest is a master planned community in Draper, Utah

No. 3 Promontory Utah

Promontory without a doubt is one of Utah’s most established luxury communities. There is something for everyone at Promontory from a private golf course, equestrian center, tubing hill, restaurant and more.  

What Sets Promontory Apart?

If you’re looking for a highly-amenitized community – this is definitely an option for you. While Utah’s master planned communities offer plenty of opportunity to live in amenitized communities, it’s hard to match all Promontory has to offer! Additional amenities include equestrian, easy access to skiing, thirty miles of trails, and a spa. 

Who Is Likely To Buy At Promontory? 

As established as it is, Promontory is likely to attract exclusively high-end buyers. Not everyone wants to pay the fees for a community that literally offers EVERYTHING. But for many other, Promontory is exactly what they’re looking for. 

Promontory Contact Information

Website: Promontoryclub.com

Phone Number: 435-333-4600

Promontory Park City is a master planned community in utah

No. 4 Red Ledges Utah

Red Ledges is set up in Heber City Utah on over 2,000 acres of pristine Utah wilderness. With nearly 300 homes completed and another 100 in progress, this community is one of the biggest in luxury mountain golf resort communities in the state. 

What Sets Red Ledges Apart?

Perhaps more than anything else, Red Ledges is distinguished by its private, Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course. Imagine perfectly manicured greens set within iconic Utah “red rocks” against the snow capped backdrop of the rocky mountains. Needless to say, this is a unique course! 

Who Is Likely To Buy At Red Ledges? 

Like many of the Wasatch Back communities listed here, Red Ledges fits the bill for high-end and ultra high-end buyers. While the community offers more than just golf, it’s likely that the typical client will be attracted to the community for the Golf Course and other related amenities like the restaurant and community center! 

Red Ledges Contact Information

Website: RedLedges.com

Phone Number: 435-657-4090

Red Ledges is a master planned community in utah

No. 5 Daybreak

Daybreak, possibly Utah’s largest master-planned community, is owned by the Larry H. Miller Group. Comprising numerous communities, it boasts a total of roughly 20,000 housing units and spans over 4,000 acres.

What Sets Daybreak Apart?

There’s really nothing else in Utah quite like Daybreak! Daybreak is designed for homes much closer to the States median home sales price. You can find home options in Daybreak as low as the 400k–600k range, which is much different from the other communities on the list so far! The fact that this community offers so much relative to the prices is the main eye catcher for most. 

Who Is Likely To Buy At Daybreak? 

Daybreak attracts a variety of buyers! Empty nesters and young families alike find the community to be a nice place to settle down. Generally speaking, Daybreak attracts people who value a sense of community with access to public and private amenities. 

Daybreak Contact Information

Website: DayBreakUtah.com

Phone Number: 385-357-9309

Email: info@daybreakutah.com

Daybreak is a master planned community in utah

No. 6 Desert Color

Desert Color is a unique southern Utah community that offers something for everyone, from townhomes to luxury estates. 

What Sets Desert Color Apart?

Perhaps more than anything else, Desert Color is distinguished by a man-made beach and a 2.5 acre “lagoon” in the middle of the st george desert! Take a look at this video as you need to see it for yourself to understand the size of this pool. It’s pretty stunning. 

Who Is Likely To Buy At Desert Color? 

Desert Color seems to be creating options for a broad base of buyers. With 55+ options, townhomes, and luxury custom homes, this community is uniquely situated to appeal to many different buyers. 

Desert Color Contact Information

Website: DesertColorRestort.com 

Phone Number: 435-703-9339

Desert Color is a master planned community in southern utah

No. 7 Copperrock Utah

Copperrock, a newer community in Southern Utah, has undoubtedly made a significant impact on the master-planned community scene in Utah. This is evident from its inclusion of a private golf course featured on the LPGA Epson Tour.

What Sets Copperrock Apart?

One thing that sets Copperrock apart from other communities is the prevalence of vacation rentals in the community. As an owner, you have the opportunity to use your home as a second home that generates revenue to offset ownership costs while you’re not using it. 

Who Is Likely To Buy At Copperrock? 

Copperrock is poised to appeal to golf enthusiasts seeking a high-end, custom home that aligns with the prevailing aesthetics of the Copperrock community. Explore some of the properties available here to gain insight into what Copperrock has to offer!

Copperrock Contact Information

Website: CopperRock.com

Phone Number: 435-215-4845

Email: contact@copperrock.com

No. 8 Wildflower

Wildflower is a planned community at 2100 North and Redwood Road in Saratoga Springs. With thousands of homes planned and featuring lots of outdoor fun like parks, trails, and open spaces, Wildflower is a great place for families. 

What Sets Wildflower Apart?

Wildflower is geared towards Utah’s working families. Specifically those working nearby in Utah’s tech corridor. With both Lennar and Edge homes building in Wildflower, this community strikes a balance between being relatively affordable while maintaining a nice community look, feel, and functionality.  

Who Is Likely To Buy At Wildflower? 

Wildflower is likely to attract first time home buyers and move up buyers who are raising families in Utah’s popular tech-centric area. However, Wildflower can be a great fit for people of all walks of life! 

Wildflower Contact Information

Website: LiveAtWildflower.com

For more information, fill out the website form on their website. 

Wildflower is a utah community with multiple builders and is relatively affordable

No. 9 Glenwild

Like other Park City communities on this list, Glenwild has it all. Glenwild is a high-end private club offering mountain luxury real estate with access to a vast array of amenities for residents, starting with a stunning golf course. 

What Sets Glenwild Apart?

It’s not easy to pick one thing. While, like other high end communities on this list, Glenwild will of course come with it’s share of fees and membership dues – the community offers a stunning array of amenities and resources. If there is one thing that sets this community apart, it is probably the Tom Fazio designed golf course. Click the dang website link and see it for yourself! 🙂 

Who Is Likely To Buy At Glenwild? 

Homes at Glenwild so far as we can tall range from 5M–10M+. Everything is custom built with the finest materials and craftsmanship. It is likely that affluent families or individuals who are looking for easy access to golf, skiing, and an array of amenities. 

Glenwild Contact Information

Website: GlenWildGolfClub.com

Phone Number: 435-615-9966

Email: info@glenwildgolfclub.com

Glenwild is a private community near Park City Utah

No. 10 Talisker Club 

Another high end community in the Park City Area, Talisker Club sits above the Jordanelle Reservoir, and offers residents a private club and award winning golf course, private ice skating rink, a Ski in Ski out lodge, fishing, and so much more.  

What Sets Talisker Club Apart?

Again, with a community of this caliber it is difficult to pick just one thing. With Talisker Club, it might be the easy access to the water sports available on the Jordanelle! In addition to so many incredible amenities that are similar to other amazing communities around Park City, easy access to the water is something that puts an additional cherry on top of all Talisker has to offer. 

Who Is Likely To Buy At Talisker Club? 

Like other communities on this list, so far as we can tell, homes range from 5M–10M+. It is likely that affluent families or individuals from all over the country (or even all over the world) who are looking for a fully amenitized mountain escape will be drawn to Talisker Club. 

Talisker Club Contact Information

Website: TaliskerClub.com

Phone Number: 435-333-3617

Talisker Club is a master planned community near park city utah

No. 11 The Preserve at Mapleton

Perched on a unique bench above Mapleton, this development prioritizes spacious custom home sites within a distinctive setting. While the community offers minimal amenities, it also entails minimal fees.

What Sets The Preserve Apart?

The Preserve stands out because it offers the feeling of a luxury community without imposing big HOA fees. Given the scarcity of mountainside property remaining on the Wasatch Front, these lots present a distinct opportunity for anyone drawn to Utah’s abundant natural beauty.

Who Is Likely To Buy At The Preserve?

The Preserve is poised to attract affluent families in Utah County. Situated in Mapleton, a traditional area near Provo, Utah, it exerts a magnetic pull on the young, homegrown Utah elite. Homes typically range from 1.2M to 2.5M+, indicating a requisite level of affluence within the community.

The Preserve Contact Information

Website: ThePreserveAtMapleton.com

Phone Number: 801-891-7734

Email: info@thepreserveatmapleton.com

The preserve at Mapleton is a master planned community in Utah County, Utah

No. 12 Victory Ranch

The last, but certainly not least, master planned community in Utah on our list is Victory Ranch! Similar to other communities, this is another high end community in Park City, Victory Ranch has it all from a lake to a golf course, a restaurant and more! 

What Sets Victory Ranch Apart?

Victory Ranch has a stretch of the Provo river that flows through the community and has an abundant assortment of mountain trout that are about as fun to catch as they are to eat! Though this community has it all, the fact that you can walk out your back door and have a high caliber fly fishing experience is something a little extra special. 

Who Is Likely To Buy At Victory Ranch?

Victory Ranch is an exclusive high end community that is likely to attract affluent families or individuals from all over the country (or even all over the world) who are looking for a fully amenitized mountain escape. 

Victory Ranch Contact Information

Website: VictoryRanchUtah.com

Phone Number: 435-901-0505

Email: info@victoryranchutah.com

Victory Ranch is a golf community with a private club in utah


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