Design Space: How to Bring the Outdoors Inside

The symbiotic relationship we have with nature here in Utah is uniquely intimate. The great outdoors shape so much of our day-to-day decisions and, truly, our overall lifestyle at Summit Creek. So it’s only fitting to make interior design and decor decisions that support this bond. Within a community committed to bringing the outdoors in, our custom home building professionals are always dreaming up new creative and stylish ways to do just that. From skylights and sliding glass doors to more modest touches like indoor plants, here are our top recommendations for bringing what’s outside in.

Outdoor Patio

Walls of Windows

One of the best ways to bring the outside in is by opening your doors and windows. Sounds simple right? Well it is, year-round, with help from Split Rock, a Utah-based construction and design firm and Summit Creek’s preferred builder. The perfect indoor/outdoor fusion comes to life with floor-to-ceiling windows, sliding glass doors and retractable doors that allow for a seamless fresh air living experience.

Interior Elements

One of the most celebrated designers in Utah, Barclay Butera’s designs are synonymous with livable luxury and he has an expert handle on blending nature with interiors. Borrow inspiration from Barclay by using natural wood cabinetry to set the tone for an opulent kitchen, or stone fireplaces to give a space more of a rustic outdoor feel. Butera often ties in less obvious design elements like antler-inspired chandeliers and cowhide throw rugs all while looking to hues that are supported by nature, like neutrals and touches of green.

Nature as Art

Forgo finding paintings that speak to you and continue to foster your love for nature through art. Select wall art, table art, furniture or even installations that draw from the outdoors. This also presents an opportunity to support Independent Utah artists like Owen Mortensen who create thoughtful art from findings throughout the state. Mortensen has formed beautiful pieces from his surroundings including elk antlers, tumbleweeds, bison skulls and more. He repurposes materials like stainless steel to transform these everyday natural things into impressive artwork. These pieces are conversational, original, beautiful and natural.


Indoor plants, when nurtured, can easily flourish in your home, and there’s no better way to bring the outdoors in. Plants like rubber trees are easy to grow, simple to maintain and get as tall as eight feet, adding significant style to your space.

Herb Gardens

Growing your own fruits and vegetables is grand, but not always feasible during the winter months. Supplement with a charming herb garden along a windowsill in your home, so you can still enjoy the pleasantries of having a small garden and bring a piece of the outdoors into in, in a fun and functional way. From rosemary to mint, chives and basil, growing herbs indoors gives your home a welcomed pastoral feel without too much effort.

Natural Wallpaper & Tapestries

If a construction overhaul isn’t something you’re ready to take on, but you want a bold change in your space that speaks to nature, look to wallpaper, wall decals or tapestries. Each of these options are easy and few require significant time or effort, but project a welcomed nature-meets-indoors feel. Opt for decals that mimic stone or wood and tapestries that are reminiscent of outdoor scenes.

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