Summit Creek Partners with Barclay Butera for Interior Design of its Latest Custom Home

When you hear the name Barclay Butera, it’s almost certain that images of pristine homes and expert design float through your mind. Barclay, who has been credited with a long list of homes and eponymous collaborations, has now partnered with Summit Creek to create inspiring interiors for its newest custom home.

To understand the magnitude of this partnership, you must first familiarize yourself with Barclay Butera Interiors’ impressive body of work, approach, and design philosophy. Barclay first opened the doors to his design firm in 1994 in a quaint location in Newport Beach, California. The locals caught wind of his work and soon he was unveiling showrooms in Corona Del Mar and Park City, Utah. His style and aesthetic make him the ideal designer to take on this task at Summit Creek; and, his past projects serve as a true testament to what’s in store.

The Aesthetic

Barclay Butera’s aesthetic is one that captures the Summit Creek lifestyle by creating a visual representation of the ease at which life is lived here. Yet, he simultaneously manages to deliver a sense of balanced luxury where his designs coexist with nature that surrounds a home, with no shortage of opulence. When designing spaces, Barclay draws inspiration from several external elements, including the grand architecture that edges our property. He also looks to the high-fashion runway shows to intertwine timeless trends, as well as his travels, which offer depth and mystery to his designs. Lastly, he credits Old Hollywood as one of his greatest influences, bringing into play an unmatched level of elegance and glamour.


For Barclay, location defines his designs. Over the years, he and his team have specialized in devising mountain homes, making Barclay Butera Interiors no stranger to Summit Creek’s locale. The in-progress Lot 57—a sprawling home with a three-car garage, bay windows, a grand entrance and captivating mountain views—will be the first to feature Barclay’s signature style. His approach to designing homes such as this is rigorous and thoughtful, yet seemingly effortless. He assesses the unique features of the build itself and maximizes that, adding rich finishes like weathered wood and contemporary details, while other interior design companies often opt for traditional mountain style.

The commitment to style and respect for space is always apparent in Barclay’s projects. For example, he leans toward traditional finishes with a full stone fireplace, but brings in expert elements such as a decadent antler chandelier and crisp linen furnishings to soften the style.

When devising interiors in varying architecturals, Barclay knows what custom home buyers want. He veers away from the expected and delivers high-style designs, inclusive of rich blends of textures and always lets nature co-pilot his mountain interiors—from lush bedrooms to common living spaces.

Bringing Barclay in to design Summit Creek’s custom homes furthers the appeal of life at Summit Creek. Beyond having the opportunity to dwell amidst nature and still experience unmatched amenities, residents have the opportunity to be enveloped in the creation of one of the industry’s most respected names.

*Photos Courtesy of Barclay Butera

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