Why Living at Summit Creek is a Breath of Fresh Air During Utah’s Winter Inversion


During the winter in the Wasatch, our valleys experience what’s known as a temperature inversion, where a layer of warm air sits above cooler air and the normal temperature profile is inverted with altitude. Unfortunately, this natural process traps air pollution and consequently creates air quality issues, negatively impacting those who live within it. At Summit Creek, however, we live high above the valley in the foothills of the Wasatch Front at just over 5,300 feet, affording our residents cleaner air and, thus, a healthier lifestyle. So, if your 2019 resolution is to focus on wellness, look no further than life at Summit Creek.

Healthy Air Quality

Summit Creek sits high above Utah’s inversion, meaning our residents constantly reap the benefits of clean air. Pollution can gravely impact one’s health, from aggravating respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses to shortening one’s lifespan. And while Utah’s inversion is only seasonal, it’s worsening with time. Luckily at Summit Creek, we’re set high above the pollution each winter, so our residents can live their healthiest, most natural lives.


A Wellness-Centric Lifestyle

While escaping Utah’s inversion will undoubtedly do wonders for your health, there are countless other factors that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. And at Summit Creek, we all place a very high value on both physical and mental wellbeing. With boundless trails amid the backcountry, we enjoy coveted and easy access to adventure and the freedom to explore our own way—by foot, mountain bike, ATV, sled, skis or otherwise. Here, we’ve created a home for those led by an authentic sense of belonging with nature, where high-quality homes, awe-inspiring wilderness and the residents who inhabit them give to and evolve from a recurring cycle of nourishing interactions and well-being.

Ready to make this the year you achieve an environment that fosters optimal wellness? It’s time to escape to the Summit.

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