How to Live Wild & Well Amongst the Mountains

Up here, out here, living is different. Every sunrise over the Wasatch, casting first light on the peaks, is an awakening to a better life. Every sunset, a reminder that time is a luxury best spent amongst family and friends. Here, adventurous spirits are drawn to the fresh air and simple luxury that nature and time afford. Here, life is lived both wild and well.

Mountain View

Summit Creek is home to those who are led by an authentic sense of belonging with nature—where high quality homes, awe-inspiring wilderness and the residents who inhabit them give to and evolve from a recurring cycle of nourishing interactions and well-being. Within our untrammeled setting amidst the foothills, man exists in harmony with nature, allowing one to relish in learned-and-loved amenities all the while satisfying one’s most primal sense of home.

Mountain Bikers

Life at Summit Creek is guided by the seasons, a rich passing of time marked with enlivened moments—snowshoe treks, spring bonfires, summer swims, and trail hikes amidst the captivating autumn foliage of Loafer Mountain. We enjoy coveted and easy access to adventure and the freedom to explore our own way—by foot, mountain bike, ATV, sled, skis or otherwise. At Summit Creek, we live a simple and natural life that, simultaneously, does not fall short on luxury; we boast a lifestyle that revolves around the earth’s bounty and is enhanced by modern day conveniences.


Proximate to health food stores and in the thralls of acres ideal for traversing, we capture the benefits of Summit Creek’s natural environment and enhance them with fitness facilities and groomed trails, all with the goal of offering a healthy lifestyle, both physical and mental. And, above all, we value authenticity. Our team has a common thread of genuine respect for this environment and the people who come to call it home.

This is a community of down-to-earth people who choose to live wild and well—above and beyond the crowds.

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