5 Natural Hot Springs in Utah to Keep Warm This Winter

Hot Springs

Looking for the best hot springs in Utah? The Wasatch Range welcomes winter for its long-awaited ski season and breathtaking, snow-covered scenery.

With no shortage of winter activities to revel in, it’s difficult to part with the outdoors—even at its chilliest temperatures. Find reprieve from the cold without putting pause on outdoor adventure and visit one of Utah’s hot springs located a short road-trip from Summit Creek.

Fifth Water Hot Springs

Fifth Water Hot Springs, also known as Diamond Fork Hot Springs, sits approximately 40 minutes from Summit Creek. About a 4.5 mile hike each way, pass through exquisite views of waterfalls and natural pools on your journey to this therapeutic soak. Four-legged friends are welcome, as long as they are on a leash.

The Homestead Crater

The only warm scuba diving destination in the continental United States, the Homestead Crater allows visitors to enjoy activities ranging from snorkeling the deep waters to paddle board yoga classes.

Whether trying something new or simply enjoying the warmth of this natural spa, this is an outing not-to-miss. Located in Midway, the hidden gem is just over an hour drive from Summit Creek. With rock walls that surround the pool in a cave-like setting, the crater offers an unparalleled experience now accessible at ground level.

Meadow Hot Springs

With three different pools to luxuriate in, Meadow Hot Springs is the ideal location to unwind and warm up. Known to reduce stress and promote sleep, a serene soak is exactly what a day on the slopes calls for. Retreat to these deep, crystal-clear waters, located a little over an hour and a half from Summit Creek, for a much-needed break from the winter chill.

Saratoga Hot Springs

Just under an hour drive from Summit Creek, Saratoga Hot Springs offers a haven amid its tranquil, lakeside wetlands. Sit back and savor in the contrast of crisp, cool air and the hot spring’s warmth. With the Wasatch Mountains coloring your view, this is an idyllic setting to relax in nature.

Baker Hot Spring

Baker Springs enjoys three large soaking tubs strategically situated to utilize two sources of water, one hot and one cold, allowing visitors to moderate the temperature of their soak. Just under two hours away, this makes a fun day-trip to explore Utah’s breathtaking, natural splendor.

Enjoy the Hot Springs in Utah

There you have it. These hot springs are definitely worth a visit, especially if you’re looking to relax and unwind. Have you been to any of these locations? If so, leave a comment below and let us which places were your favorite!


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