5 Devastating Mistakes to Avoid When Building Your Custom Home

If you’re planning on building a custom home, there are a lot of important decisions to be made during this exciting process.

Making sure that your personality and design preferences are prevalent throughout is a must. But we wanted to run through 5 of the biggest mistakes to avoid throughout the planning process.

Let’s dive in!

#1. Bad Location

As the old saying goes, “location, location, location.” When planning for your custom home build, the location of your forever home is just as important as the build itself! Make sure to research the area and take into account the surrounding area around your community. 

Are you far enough away from the chaos and noise of the city but close enough to conveniently make quick trips to major retail centers, diners, and other entertainment? 

Will your home and community be soaking in Utah’s beautiful landscape, or will your house be shoulder to shoulder with the next build in the area.

Don’t settle for anything less than an ideal community and convenient surrounding area. 

#2. Choosing the Wrong Home Builder

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in your home building process is choosing the wrong home builder.

Picking the right builder for your home is a crucial step to ensuring your custom home doesn’t just meet your expectations but surpass them.

They need to understand your wants and needs and be able to communicate with you about them clearly during the planning process.

They need to be reachable! If you have questions during the process, getting in touch with them should be extremely easy and convenient.

You’ll also want to check out their previous projects and builds for a reference so that you can get a feel for their work.

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure they have all their legal documentation.

#3. Not Taking Into Account Natural Lighting and Windows

Not only is natural light great for sustainability, but it is also so beautiful. 

Unfortunately, it can be all too easy to get in the weeds with your custom home plans and forget to consider natural lighting and window placement. 

You want your custom home to be set up in a way that allows you to soak in the incredible views around you and also capture that precious natural light.

This is a reminder to make sure to plan for window placement!

#4. Not Planning for Sufficient Gathering/Family Space

You’re building your custom home because you want to enjoy the next phase of your life. It’s time to slow down and enjoy all the little moments. 

You want your new home to be a gathering place, a shelter from the chaotic outside world. You want your house to be a place where your loved ones look forward to gathering, where you can make endless memories.

That said, not planning sufficient space for a gathering room or family room is such a missed opportunity.

Think of a spacious gathering room on the main floor with big windows, ample natural light, and plenty of seating. Think of a separate living room for your kids’ families to come and visit and a big backyard for your grandkids to run free. 

Click here for some good ideas for the perfect-sized gathering rooms & family spaces!

#5. Not Considering Community Amenities and Benefits

What does your future community have to provide you and your family?

Don’t settle for a community that doesn’t go above and beyond for its residents. 

Here are some things to consider when looking at different communities to build:

  1. A relaxing pool with a kiddie splash pad
  2. A community gym just a walk away from your house
  3. Security to help keep you and your family feeling safe
  4. A clubhouse for luxurious family gatherings
  5. Direct access to incredible trails

Summit Creek Has the Answer

These mistakes above can be disastrous, and we’re here to help you not only avoid these but all other potential challenges as well when building your dream home.

Your Dream Builder

Summit Creek has established a great relationship with Magnolia Custom Homes, the preferred builder.

With extensive and highly personalized processes, Magnolia Custom Homes expedites construction with acute focus on quality materials, craftsmanship, and creating a seamless indoor/outdoor living experience. 

The Utah-renowned company has built more than 200 premium, custom homes—including 26 homes chosen for the St. George Parade of Homes—working side-by-side with homeowners to create luxury shelters that both employ and enhance the natural beauty of each site.

Breath-Taking Location

You can’t avoid stunning views at Summit Creek. 

Each of our lots is in nature–not above it. Under the shadow of the glorious Wasatch Front, every single lot at Summit Creek provides breath-taking views of both the community as well as the valley below.

Away from all the noise and chaos of the busy city life, but just a mere minute from incredible restaurants, entertainment, and major retail. Provo is just 25 minutes away!

Homes that Capture Nature’s Benefits

Building in the mountains is different. If you’re building in the mountains, you need a builder with experience building on mountain lots. 

Magnolia Custom Homes is a company of designers and builders who inherently understand the land. 

That said, each home is meticulously designed to maximize the beauty of the lot space and capture the incredible views of the landscape.

Check out these incredible homes, for example, where natural light makes all the difference.

Floor Plans That Are Perfect for Gathering

Whether it’s for the holidays or just a regular day of the week, we want to ensure that your home is designed to handle any party size.

From luxurious gathering rooms on the main floor and beautiful backyards to extra family rooms downstairs and more, our builders can help make your dream home a reality.

Plenty of Amenities


With a fitness center that’s just walking distance from your future home and an incredible pool for the whole family, to an Overlook location for the best views of the picturesque surrounding area plus and easily accessible hiking trails and more, Summit Creek isn’t just a perfect community to build your custom home. It’s the ideal place to start the next phase of your life.

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