The Empty Nester’s Dream Home Checklist

Have your kids all left the house already, or are they going to be soon? This means the next phase of life begins: getting the kids and future grandkids to come to visit and spend as much time as possible!

With changing family dynamics, things can get more complicated and busy. But have no fear. We’ve put together the ultimate guide to building your dream home–to creating a place where your family and friends will be excited to gather.

That’s right. We’ve put together a list of things to consider when building your dream home so that your place will be the ultimate destination for your kids, grandkids, and dear friends to visit. 

Alright, let’s get to it.

The Dream Home Must-Haves

Let’s get to the features and things your dream home should include, making sure your next home truly is a dream come true.

Main Level

Big Gathering Room

First things first. To make your home the perfect place for your family to visit, your home should provide a big gathering room.

This spacious room will allow everyone to gather, relax, talk, laugh, and even provide enough space for the kids to occupy.

You don’t want to feel cramped and claustrophobic. You want this special room to be spacious and furnished for maximum comfort with couches, window space for beautiful views outside, and even a fireplace for those chilly winter nights.

By creating a space where everyone to be together, you’ll be facilitating countless future memories and discussions that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

Big Kitchen & Cooking Area

Nothing says great memories and time than food. Food is such an instrumental piece to a family gathering. It’s a place you get to share your favorite recipes with everyone, try out new dishes, and treat your friends and family.

That said, if you’re planning on enticing the kids, grandkids, and friends to come over as much as they can, you’ll probably also want to have a big kitchen area with enough space to cook freely. 

That means no tight corners, center islands that take up half the kitchen or countertops that serve as obstacles to navigate.

Think open space. Picture Thanksgiving morning, preparing the turkey and family dinners with enough countertop space to teach the kids and grandkids a thing or two about real cooking! 

Think of a “Costco” door pass in your pantry for those big grocery hauls and enough space for food storage.

You’re getting the picture now!

Big Family Room Downstairs for the Kids

A growing family needs its own space and privacy when downtime is a must. Nothing says comfort and “let’s come back” more than providing a big family room downstairs and away from it all. This will give your kids and their families some personal space.

This space can serve as a place for your kids to allow their families to hang out during those wee morning hours with kids that wake up early, can’t sleep, or just need some quiet time to calm down.

This downstairs family room can also serve as a game room that allows the adults to send the kids down to play with their cousins in a safe environment.

Built-In Bunk Beds for the Grandkids

Want to provide the ultimate sleeping arrangements for your grandkids and make it an experience they won’t forget anytime soon? A bunk room where they can spend time together will be just another reason that makes them excited to come to visit every time.

This grandkids bunk room will allow your grandkids to extend their vacation experience with their siblings and/or cousins and allow the parents to get a good night’s rest!

Office Space

Do you need a quiet little place to knock out some work or study?

Or do your kids need a similar space when they come and stay while on break from school?

Having a nice office space furnished and designed in a way that lets you dial in and focus is another feature your dream home should include.

It also doesn’t hurt to have an office space with some great views, too.

The Master Bedroom of Your Dreams

How does a master bedroom with a fireplace, beautiful views outside, a master bathroom, and a walk-in shower sound? Maybe a sauna room as well?

From high ceilings to generous space, your master bedroom needs to be designed for maximum relaxation. It needs to be a place for you to unwind from it all and rest easily. 


Spacious Yard

Living in Utah means enjoying 4 beautiful seasons. Your dream house should be a place where you can enjoy all of them from just outside your backdoor. 

Your yard should provide an unrivaled outside experience for your family and friends to make memories.

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure your yard is open and large enough to host family gatherings of all kinds. And that also means accommodating your grandkids’ night games and pick-up games of football, and more. 

A Deck/Patio with Beautiful Views

From patio furniture and a barbeque to beautiful views of your backyard and the Wasatch Mountains, your deck/patio will lend itself to be a perfect gathering spot to enjoy the weather outside, catch up with family, and enjoy some delicious food.

Additional Amenities

Who needs a park when you can have everything you want in your backyard? Remember those hobbies you wanted to get into again? Or do you want a place for your grandkids to run free and enjoy? How about a mix of both? Let us give you just a couple of ideas for your backyard:

A Swing Under the Pergola

Sit and catch up under a beautiful pergola and just relax.

A Fire Pit

Extend the gatherings late into the night as you tell stories and laugh. Soak in the beautiful summer weather while showing your grandkids how to make the best smores.

Open Grassy Area for Pick Up Games

From badminton and cornhole to Thanksgiving Day pick-up games of football and more, a wide-open level grassy area will be the perfect field for any activity.

Play Area

Put in a fun playset for your grandkids to get out and explore! 

A Community Pool

Cool off during the warm months by taking a refreshing dip in the community pool. Or just relax poolside and soak in the breathtaking views.

All This and More Can Be Yours at Summit Creek

Does this sound too good to be true to have all of this in your future home? We actually just described features from just some of the homes here at Summit Creek.

This and more can all be yours when you build a custom home under the shadow of the Wasatch Front. Situated perfectly in nature and above all the chaos and the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but close enough for modern-day conveniences. Summit Creek is just 25 minutes away from Provo!

“As a family, we’ve worked hard to build a beautiful life together. Now,  we’ve found that it’s time to slow down and enjoy every moment with our family and friends. The outside world can feel chaotic and Summit Creek has given us the security and seclusion to focus more on the things that matter most. It’s impossible to deny the peace we feel as we build a gathering place for our loved ones.”

You may be settling into the next phase of your life. But don’t settle when it comes to building the home of your dreams.

Turn your future home into the perfect staycation for your local family and the ideal getaway for those dear ones that live further than you’d like.

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