Where to Satiate Your Sweet Tooth in Utah Valley This Spring

From fields of flowers to rebirth and new life, spring brings with it the promise of so many sweet things. And, while these are certainly enjoyable to look at, feel, smell and hear—it’s not enough to satisfy that last sense: taste. Now that the weather’s warming up, you can satiate that sweet tooth of yours with everything it’s been too cold to eat lately—and much, much more. From the simple ice cream cone to more decadent delights, here are our picks for spring’s best sweet treats.

Frozen Custard: Culver’s

Impossibly convenient and equally delicious, Culver’s lets you get your sweet fix whenever you’d like. We love keeping it simple with a cone or cup of their flavor of the day, but you can mix things up with a sundae, concrete, milkshake or float.

Fresh-Baked Pastries: Kneaders Bakery & Cafe

Sweets don’t have to be reserved for after dinner; why not enjoy them for breakfast on occasion? Kneaders Bakery & Cafe offers breakfast pastries like a twice-baked almond croissant, eclair and pain au chocolat all day long.

Shaved Ice: Sip-N Spanish Fork

All the joys of a fair treat without the crowds or questionable rides. This Spanish Fork drive-thru serves up shaved ice in flavors like peach, cotton candy, coconut and more. Mix and match as you please or experiment with crazy soda combinations.

Bubble Waffle or Churro Ice Cream Sandwich: The Wash

A car-wash-turned-dessert-eatery, The Wash has some of Provo’s most fun dessert options. We recommend the Bubble Waffle—an inverted waffle with a custard base or the Churro Ice Cream Sandwich. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of their other options either. Don’t forget to try one of their mocktails or frozen drinks, too!

Ice Cream Sandwich: Penguin Brothers

Gourmet ice cream sandwiches, served up out of a food truck—a pink food truck, that is. Penguin Brothers offers some fantastic combinations including the Frequent Flyer, biscoff ice cream sandwiched between two snickerdoodle cookies; the Golden State, blueberry lemon thyme ice cream between lemon cookies; and the Golden Snitch, honeycomb ice cream between oatmeal cookies.

Cookies Delivered Until 3 a.m.: Insomnia Cookies

Your sweet tooth doesn’t have a bedtime, and neither does Insomnia Cookies. Their Provo location is open until 3 a.m., and they make deliveries until then, too. Try The Delicious Duo, which includes two cookies of your choice and a glass of milk for the ultimate late-night snack. Or, order a 24-cookie box to share with your friends (or just to stock up for the rest of the week).

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