Where Can I Still Find Lots in Utah County?

Whether you’re already living in Utah County or looking to move there, you may be experiencing the housing market storm firsthand.

Houses are being sold just 9 days after being on the market, as compared to 21 days last year. Additionally, housing in certain areas seems like shoulder-to-shoulder with little to no yard is the new norm.

You may be wondering to yourself, “Where can I still find lots in Utah County?” Your dream of building your custom home might be dwindling as you begin to think the well is running dry, so to speak. Or you might even be compromising your dreams to fit the current state of the housing market.

If this is you right now, we have some great news!

Summit Creek Just Released 9 More View Lots

At Summit Creek, we’ve sold 38 lots in our breath-taking, luxurious residential community, but guess what?

We couldn’t be more excited to announce that we’ve just released 9 additional lots! That makes for a total of 14 lots available as of this blog post date.

That said, you might have some questions now like, “Where is Summit Creek?” or “What is it like?”

 Don’t worry. We’re here to answer ALL of your questions..

What Is Summit Creek?

Summit Creek is a beautiful, luxury community located in the shadow of the Wasatch Front, perfectly situated within the beautiful landscapes of Woodland Hills.

This luxury community is founded on the principle of thoughtfulness, ranging from the placement of each home down to the minute detail of where each piece of furniture should be placed to maximize views of the encompassing landscape.

The opportunities that both nature and architectural luxury afford are endless.

What Are the Lots Like?

Each lot capitalizes upon the beauty of the environment. Special care is taken to allow space for the land to fall away between the homes to extend one’s range of vision. 

There are varying lot sizes available. Sizes range from ⅓ acre to a full acre, with lots ranging from $225k to $500k depending on the size.

Sheltered from the hustle and bustle of the world below, Summit Creek bestows an inspiring and expansive frontier to be endlessly explored — by foot, mountain bike, ATV, sled, skis or otherwise. 

And its views of the valley below are absolutely stunning.

How Close is Summit Creek to Other Cities?

While Summit Creek is situated in Woodland Hills, above the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, it is still close enough to enjoy the modern conveniences all around.

It’s neighboring cities include Spanish Fork, Provo, Payson, and Springville. That said, there are plenty of activities, shopping, and dining close by. 

There are over 100 dining establishments within a 12 mile radius of Summit Creek, so the options are boundless. 

From a refreshing mix of local and national dining selections like Parley’s Place for an old fashioned soda shop in Salem, to steak houses, sandwich shops, pizzerias, and restaurants specializing in Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Cajun and American cuisine.

Not to mention, with Provo being so close, BYU campus itself is just 18 miles away! 

You’ll be able to easily treat yourself to the incredible atmosphere and activities that Utah County has to provide.

Do I Need a Builder?

Summit Creek has established an honorable relationship with Split Rock Custom Homes, who is the preferred builder.

Split Rock Custom Homes is a reputable company of designers and builders who inherently understand the land. 

With a process both extensive and highly-personalized, Split Rock Custom Homes expedites construction with a keen focus on quality materials, craftsmanship, and creating a seamless indoor/outdoor living experience. 

The Utah-renowned company has built more than 200 premium, custom homes—including 26 homes chosen for the St. George Parade of Homes—working side-by-side with homeowners to create luxury shelters that both employ and enhance the natural beauty of each site.

Who is Building in Summit Creek?

Summit Creek is a community of inspiring, like-minded people who abide by the authentic laws of nature.

These are couples and families who have worked hard and are looking to build their forever home and enjoy the next phase of their life.

They cherish love and belonging. They value freedom and spontaneity, and they want a safe and secure place where they can gather together with their loved ones.

What are People Saying About Their Homes in Summit Creek?

Check out just some of the incredible experiences that our residents are having at Summit Creek.

“Each day I count myself blessed to wake up to unmatched panoramic mountain and valley views, where nature is so very kind to us.”

“It is impossible to deny the peace we feel as we enjoy every moment with our friends and family at Summit Creek.”

“As a family, we’ve worked hard to build a beautiful life together. Now,  we’ve found that it’s time to slow down and enjoy every moment with our family and friends. The outside world can feel chaotic and Summit Creek has given us the security and seclusion to focus more on the things that matter most. It’s impossible to deny the peace we feel as we build a gathering place for our loved ones.”

Your Search for the Perfect Lot in Utah County Stops Here!

If you’re ready for incredible views, a beautiful landscape, spacious yard, incredible amenities, and more, check out Summit Creek today!

Interested in learning more about Summit Creek, simply fill out the form below!

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