What Makes Summit Creek Amongst the Greenest Locales in Utah


Those who live at Summit Creek—and even those who have simply visited—will always agree on one thing: it is, without a doubt, amongst the greenest locales ever witnessed. And not just in the summer, either. Our unique location in Utah affords a breadth of greenery year-round, further beautified by our conscious construction and like-minded individuals proud to call it home. Below, get a glimpse of why Summit Creek is amongst the most evergreen locations in the nation—in all senses of the word.

A Unique Setting

Because of our coveted location on the north-facing slope of Loafer Mountain, Summit Creek boasts a forest of evergreens that are entirely unique to our property. And, it is this vegetation and moisture that brings in our adored neighbors: elk, deer, wild turkeys, bald eagles, among countless others. Whether you wish to snowshoe in the winter or mountain bike in the summer, you can always count on an evergreen embrace.


Conscious Construction

Our greatest tenet at Summit Creek is to harmonize with nature and never overshadow it. As such, we have meticulously crafted and positioned each home to blend seamlessly with its untrammeled surroundings. The lots are thoughtfully sited to maximize far-reaching views of the peaks beyond and valley below, all to facilitate a prolific connection between you and the outdoors. Here, nature takes center stage. Our homes just so happen to be beautifully built, too.


Like-Minded People

One of the most important aspects of maintaining an evergreen community—in the sense of its timelessness, too—is to develop a community of like-minded, eco-conscious individuals. While we can go above and beyond to prudently build homes and preserve the backcountry, the utmost responsibility truly comes down to those who live here. We are so lucky to have residents so devoted to conserving the land, who value time spent outside and amongst Summit Creek’s greatest amenity of all: our impeccably natural setting. It is for this reason that we are, undoubtedly, the most evergreen of all.


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