Utah Has Changed and the Small-Town Charm of These 3 Cities Has Only Gotten Better

Does it feel like Utah is losing its “small town” charm and its roots? Like every city in Utah is turning into a metropolis?

With new housing development popping up all over Utah, things are starting to feel a bit more crowded and busy these days.

If you’re desperately trying to look for your forever home and want to find that charming Utah feeling from 20 years ago with its small-town vibe, we’ve got some good news.

The Utah of your past is still here!

That Utah Charm Is Alive & Well In These Cities

While you’ll definitely see your fair share of crowded housing developments with little to no yard and the like as you travel across the state, the same Utah of your childhood is still alive. 

No, you don’t need to time travel. Here are a couple of different cities in Utah that are bursting with that incredible small Utah vibe from 20 years ago. Let’s run through them now! 


Image Credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kanab,_Utah

This city is in Kane County and just north of the Arizona line. A Paiute word meaning “a place of willows,” Kanab is often referred to by locals as “Utah’s Little Hollywood” due to the amount of Hollywood movies that were filmed there.

Despite its beautiful big-screen appeal, Kanab is a small town, with an estimated 4,931 people as of 2019.

Kanab offers some incredible hikes with beautiful views of red rock and is also home to the Jackson Flat Reservoir. 

And from fun small shops like Willow Canyon Outdoor and Honey’s Marketplace to tasty dining like Rocking V Cafe, Sego Restaurant, and Wild Thyme Cafe, there’s a little bit for everyone.


Image Credit: https://providencecity.com/

This city in Cache County is part of the Logan, Utah-Idaho metropolitan area. Its population as of 2019 was around 7,780.

Providence provides that small-town charm you’re looking for but is also just minutes away from modern-day conveniences.

Great entertainment and shopping are just minutes away, including the Cache Valley Mall. There are also some incredible places to eat: Cafe 517, MayMooes Cajun Grill, Sissa’s Brazilian Kitchen, The Beehive Pub & Grill, and so much more!

Providence is also home to some incredible sightseeing, outdoor adventures, like Providence Canyon Trail.

Woodland Hills

Nestled in the shadow of the Wasatch Mountains, Woodland Hills is a beautiful city with a small-town charm.

In 2019, the estimated population of Woodland Hills was 1,590.

Despite Woodland Hills’ picturesque landscape and mountainous views, it remains conveniently close to some bigger cities like Salt Lake and Provo.

Activities and dining are endless. There are many delicious restaurants like Strap Tank, Cubbys, Black Sheep Cafe, and more! Plus, other entertainment like 6 golf courses, snowshoeing, and perfect e-bike trails. Woodland Hills is also just minutes away, from the Provo river and Payson Canyon to Woodland Hills Park.

About Woodland Hills:

  • A gateway to outdoor recreation few know about
  • 35 Minutes from Sundance Ski Resort
  • Mountain Biking
  • 6 Nearby Golf Courses
  • 50 Minutes to SLC International Airport
  • 15 Minutes from Major Retail Corridor
  • 50+ Acres of Wildlife Corridors
  • Dark Sky Policies for Stargazing

Woodland Hills is also the home to Summit Creek. Summit Creek is a luxury residential community that feels like a small town but is just mere minutes from major retail and entertainment.

Additionally, each Summit Creek lot is carefully positioned within nature to allow for beautiful mountainous views wherever you are, as well as a breath-taking view of Utah County below.

Returning to Utah’s Roots

Utah is such a beautiful state with a rich history. From its breathtaking mountain landscape and its National Parks down to its family-fun activities and entertainment, Utah does have it all.

The Beehive State is becoming quite the hot spot for people returning to Utah to start the next phase of their lives or moving to Utah for the first time. New residential communities are popping up frequently. And commercial properties are developing throughout the state. As a result, the beauty of Utah’s small-town charm can feel like it’s disappearing in the mix of it all.

That said, Utah’s roots are still firmly planted in several attractive cities and communities. So if you’re looking for that small-town Utah feeling from your childhood, you need to visit the cities above.

And if you’re really looking for a luxurious, peaceful, and spacious place to settle down and create some memories for a lifetime, come visit Summit Creek and see everything it has to offer!

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