Why Urbanites Are Choosing Mountain Living

City life or mountain life? Both have their health and social benefits, but in the current climate more and more city dwellers are running for the hills and calling the mountains—with its crisp air and idyllic lifestyle—home.

685 Summit Creek Drive, etched into the landscape of the Wasatch Range.

Recents studies have shown mountain living offers a great deal that city life doesn’t, from health benefits to inner peace and financial satisfaction. Many urbanites have found that their lives are significantly enhanced amongst the mountains, even when leaving familiar streets and haunts of the city. While a slower pace of life may be initially jarring, urbanites swiftly find that mountain communities are just as, and if not more so, fulfilling than the communities and lifestyles left behind.

Urbanites needn’t be wary—mountain life still offers wifi, shopping, dining and local entertainment, in addition to far much more than one is able to find in a burgeoning city. A vast number of city dwellers have traded their lives amongst skyscrapers for the the natural splendor that encompasses Summit Creek. Here’s why.

Natural Living

While urban communities allow one to travel from park to beach to urban garden to an organic eatery all in one afternoon, many miss what makes natural living, natural living—silence. Free of noise pollution and traffic, mountain living offers the opportunity to connect with the outdoors in a way one isn’t able to in the city. At Summit Creek, wake to the melodies of birds chirping and revel in vistas unobscured by buildings or budding construction; instead, Summit Creek residents boast matchless views of the billowy clouds and blue skies that kiss the mountaintops daily. By replacing the audible and visual noise of one’s city life for Summit Creek’s untrammeled and serene landscape, chaos is beautifully reordered.

Access to Adventure

By virtue of lush summers and the powder-coated winters, mountain living at Summit Creek features year-round opportunities to explore—which is, undoubtedly, one of the greatest draws to current city dwellers. When urbanites have seen, experienced and eaten through their city’s restaurants and bars, it’s not uncommon for them to yearn for a more enriching and meaningful. Lifestyle. While residents at Summit Creek enjoy immediate access to several hiking and biking trails right in their backyard, neighboring lakes offer world-class fly fishing and the chance to water ski or stand-up paddle board in the summer months. And, not to mention, the Sundance Ski Resort is but a stone’s throw away when it comes time for winter sports.

Communal Feel

In a large city, it’s easy to feel shrouded within such an immense, fast-moving crowd; however, in a mountain community, each person’s presence is entirely regarded and valued. When one’s skyline becomes a mountainscape, a palpable sense of camaraderie arises. More and more city dwellers are pining to be apart of a group of like-minded people who truly appreciate the beautiful simplicity of life that often goes unnoticed; a move to the mountains offers as much of an opportunity to connect with nature as it allows a chance to connect with others. At Summit Creek, modern mountain living is all about meeting for a swim or a hike, chatting before and after outdoor lakeside yoga, and even cooking dinner with neighbors at the Loafer Clubhouse.

Financial Benefits

While modern mountain real estate does have a price tag attached, it can often bring to light auspicious financial opportunity. Money amongst the mountain is going much further than that in the city, and the value is undoubtedly greater with the expansive lot sizes and state-of-the art modern amenities offered at Summit Creek. Potential buyers relocating from the city are able to explore custom-built homes or homes with rich architectural appeal, flaunting over 4,000-square-feet, breathtaking views, gardens, outdoor space and more for prices that mirror small city condos and homes.

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