The Wall Street Journal Features Summit Creek as a Desired Destination Free of Short-Term Renters

Summit Creek was recently featured as a community of choice in a Wall Street Journal article about the rise in demand for neighborhoods with rules against short-term rentals. House-hunting families and retirees are looking for more than just homes these days. According to WSJ, a portion of buyers are looking for a true community of permanent neighbors rather than a revolving door of renters and guests.

Short-term renters who use online platforms like Vrbo and Airbnb are often drawn to perennially scenic locations—think deserts, mountains and coastlines—in resort-like locales that have easy access to skiing, golfing, hiking and parks. Renters can crowd the streets, usurp community rules and use local estates as party homes, disturbing long-term neighbors. 

Through tight homeowner association rules known as Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs), communities like Summit Creek are able to keep their neighborhoods suitable for people who want to engage with their communities on a deeper level and know their neighbors, while still being able to enjoy a resort-like setting.

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