Summit Spotlight: Interior Design Secrets From the Experts at Hamilton Park

This past June, the 2017 Utah Valley Parade of Homes showcased two of Summit Creek’s newest architecturals, located at 685 and 743 South Summit Creek Drive. Summit Creek was thrilled to invite the acclaimed team at Hamilton Park Interiors to incorporate their curated collection of home furnishings into both spaces, now replete with sophisticated and meaningful designs.

We sat down with Hamilton Park’s designers to get insight into how they beautifully and thoughtfully furnished the two contemporary residences featured in the Utah Valley Parade of Homes. From “beginning at the end” to working with builders and architects throughout the entire process, the interior design firm specializes in creating stunning and comfortable homes for an elevated mountain lifestyle.

We understand that one of your primary focuses is how living spaces impact one’s lifestyle. What lifestyle do 685 South Summit Creek Drive and 743 South Summit Creek Drive‘s interior designs support?

Both of the homes designed for this year’s Parade of Homes have their own unique style. The home upon lot 29, 743 South Summit Creek Drive, is more transitional and supports a family or entertaining lifestyle with its large open living spaces, including great outdoor entertaining areas with unparalleled views. The home upon lot 25, 685 South Summit Creek Drive, is more contemporary and sleek, supporting a more intimate lifestyle with its cozy living spaces.

Each custom home at Summit Creek has been meticulously positioned to maximize views of the surrounding Wasatch Range. Did you incorporate the surrounding environment in the interior decor of each home as well?

Incorporating the exterior environment is critical in making a home feel one with its surroundings. We played off the location of Summit Creek by incorporating natural and rustic elements, such as a live edge dining table and a unique metal and wood console table.

Both homes have neutral interior design palettes with bold notes of color. Is there a particular reason that red is widely used? Can you briefly detail your color selection process?

The color selection process varies with each project and we always begin with the end in mind. We wanted the homes to feel inviting and warm. With its transitional style, 743 South Summit Creek Drive boasts a palette of earth tones that complements its surroundings. The home upon lot 25 has a bold statement of color with a contemporary twist, without being overwhelming. The living room area rug was the inspiration for the color palette in this home.

Summit Creek’s homes are undoubtedly contemporary. Is architectural style taken into consideration when designing interiors?

The home upon lot 25 is undoubtedly contemporary in its architectural style, interior finishes and furnishings. The style of architecture is always the driving force behind the interior materials and furnishings.

If you were to nominate the most important step or aspect of designing a home, what would that be?

Beginning with the end in mind. It is critical to put together a cohesive team amongst yourself, the builder, architect and interior designer when building a custom home. Each component of the team provides expertise in varying aspects and contributes to a well-balanced home. Many people do not often think of involving the interior designer until the home is already under construction. However, our experience has been that if we are involved from the very beginning, we can ensure that the many details that make up a home are true to the end use.

How do you know when a room is complete?

When the room feels balanced, we then know that it is complete. We look at every last detail of the space and ask, “Do you want to live in this room?” If the answer is yes, the room is complete.  If not, we keep going until we have that wonderful feeling of walking into a beautifully completed space.

How was it designing homes that you knew were going to be showcased in the 2017 Parade of Homes?

We take all of our projects seriously whether they are large, small, for a client or for spec. Our job is to be the glue that holds everything together. We know from experience that building a custom home can be a very trying process and we are here to ease that burden and pay attention to the details that make a beautiful home.


685 South Summit Creek Drive is offered at $1,379,000 and 743 Summit Creek Drive is presently under contract. For more information on these properties, click here.

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