Spring Forward on the Right Foot: 3 Things to Do With That Extra Hour of Light


Not only does Daylight Saving afford us an extra hour of afternoon sunlight, but it likewise marks the beginning of spring. On Sunday, March 11, the clocks will turn forward one hour at 2am; so, if you’re not a morning person, this is your time to shine. Sleep in, wake with the sun and use our extra hour in the evening to accomplish the new year goals you haven’t yet tackled. Whether that means heading into the backcountry for a hike after work or hosting a dinner party, use that extra hour to your advantage.

Get Outside

Winter mornings allow us to get things done earlier in the day, but it’s not always so easy to pull yourself out of bed and head outdoors into the chilly Utah air. Daylight Saving, however, grants us an extra hour of afternoon sunlight to achieve our fitness goals after work. With sunset around 7:30 pm each night, you have plenty of time to go for a hike, mountain bike in the backcountry, take your dog for a walk, jog, run–whatever you so please. And, better yet, you’ll catch the setting sun, its vibrant hues pervading the horizon while providing the perfect cap to your day.

Man Mountain Biking

Rediscover Your Favorite Pastime

It seems we all get into a seasonal rut, modifying our schedules and compromising our goals in order to adapt to the winter weather. Maybe you used to cook every evening, or perhaps you would paint, write or plant at the bookend of your days. Well, Daylight Saving is the ideal time to reclaim your favorite hobbies. As the sun continues to shine well into the evening, use its vibrancy to inspire and power your goals. Make your favorite dish, set up an easel in the perfect afternoon light, sit out on the patio and journal, plant those succulents that you’ve been meaning to decorate the house with. Whatever your favorite pastime may be, rediscover it and relocate your passion.

Outdoor Grilling

Host a Spring Soirée

We all welcome spring in Utah with open arms. So, why not get together and make it a seasonal celebration? Daylight Saving presents a wonderful opportunity to host a daylit dinner party, allowing you and your guests to relax on the patio with a glass of wine while drinking in the sunset. Invite your friends over for a spring feast, making it as casual or formal as you’d like. Cook up a delicious meal featuring fresh flavors, or create a potluck meal for everyone to participate. There’s no better entry into a new season than with loved ones by your side.

Outdoor Gathering

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