Seattle to Utah: 9 Things You Need to Know Before Making the Move

Wanting to move from Seattle to Utah?

Whether you’re thinking of moving to Provo, Mapleton, or anywhere in Utah County, Utah has become even more appealing in recent years.

Let’s run through some of the top things you can expect to experience when moving from Seattle to Utah.

#1. Safety

You want to feel safe wherever you are living, and that includes both in your home, community, and out and about. 

When comparing Seattle to Provo UT (for example), the 2022 crime rates are drastically different.

On a scale of 1 (low crime) to 100 (high crime), Seattle scores a 32.3 for violent crime, and a 76.9 for property crime. Provo, UT, for example, scores just a 10.9 in violent crime and a 32.4 for property crime.

#2. Beautiful Sunshine All Year Round

While Utah is known for its 4 beautiful seasons, something that might surprise you is that you can experience year round warmer weather and sunshine in places down south, like the incredible city of St. George. 

That’s right! St. George, located about an hour and a half away from Las Vegas, has become the winter retreat for those looking to escape the cold winters and enjoy the beautiful outdoors all year long.

#3. Strong Economy

According to a “Rich States, Poor States’ report by the American Legislative Exchange Council, Utah has ranked number 1 for its economic forecast.

It’s worth mentioning that this is the 15th time in a row that Utah has claimed the top ranking spot.

But that’s not all. A study by CNBC determined that Utah also ranked within the top 10 states for the most stable housing markets. 

With so many unicorn business and start-ups, Utah certainly seems to be a state that many businesses have on their radar.

#4. Beautiful Views

Seattle is quite a beautiful city–there’s absolutely no doubt about that!

But rest assured, you won’t be leaving any picturesque views behind when moving to Utah. In fact, you’ll be gaining some.

That’s because the Beehive State is home to some of the most coveted outdoor wonderlands in the nation.

With sights like Zion National Park, Arches National Park, Bryce Canyon, and even just the beautiful trails along the Wasatch Front, you’ll have endless activities and memories to make.

#5. A Conservative Political Climate

Historically speaking, Utah has been a more conservative state.

According to the Pew Research Center, 54% of Utah’s population lean Republican, and 30% lean Democrat. 

#6. Incredible Snow

Those living in Seattle may experience snow just a couple times a year. But for winter and snow-sport enthusiasts, you’re in for a real treat. 

Why? Because the state of Utah is known for having some of the best snow in North America.  

Some of Utah’s most famous ski resorts include the likes of Alta, Snowbird, and Brighton, to name a few.

So whether you’re looking to enjoy nostalgic winter hobbies, pick up a few new ones, or just enjoy the beautiful winter season, Utah snow has got you covered. Pun intended!

#7. Small Town Charm

As of 2022, the population in Seattle is 762,687. The population in Provo, a city within Utah County, is 115,696.

With incredible, luxurious mountain communities like Summit Creek tucked in the shadow of the Wasatch Front, you’re sure to relish in a “small-town charm” and beautiful mountainous landscapes, while still being so close to the modern-day conveniences you enjoy.

8. Family Friendly Environment

With its conservative values, activities, incredible weather, spacious housing, colleges, safe areas, and more, it’s no wonder many families are calling Utah home.

From incredible places in Utah County like Thanksgiving Point (outdoor and indoor farm, garden, and museum complex), Splash Summit Waterpark, Evermore Park, BYU campus, and so much more, you’re sure to have plenty to do with your family and loved ones.

#9. Healthy Senior Living

According to research by the United Health Foundation, Utah was ranked #2 in the nation for overall senior health.

This research took into account a variety of factors, including behaviors, community & environment, clinical care, and policy.

The Ins & Outs: Moving From Seattle to Utah 

If you’ve been researching the move from Seattle to Utah, we’ve highlighted just a few of the amazing things Utah has to offer.

From its beautiful weather, strong economy, small-town charm, and more, Utah is definitely an incredible place for living a life full of memories.

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