Rise & Shine: How to Adopt a Holistic Morning Mountain Ritual

Some morning rituals seem to be universal: mindlessly roll out of bed, brew coffee, rush to a workout, drop the kids off, get ready for work, grab a Starbucks latte, rush to your desk and start to review emails. Whatever your current—and perhaps rushed—morning routine may be, mountain living seeks to afford you a bit of a slower, more thoughtful practice. Adopting some quiet time before the rush begins has the power to transform and shape your days in a more positive manner.

The Summit Creek lifestyle is one that supports slowing down, which can sometimes seem impossible, but by shifting your morning routine and setting aside time for yourself to enjoy the beauty of silence through yoga, meditation, or even strolling the Summit Creek community trails, your mornings can go from your least favorite part of the day to your most cherished.


Mediation is defined as a practice of inducing your consciousness or mindfully breathing and guiding imagery to clear the mind of clutter. Meditation is many things for many people. It’s healing, highly calming and, for a great number of people, it helps to set the tone for the rest of their day. Like yoga, meditation doesn’t require extensive training or a wealth of experience. It simply requires one to clear his or her mind and focus on a single thought or feeling and adhering to either. For those new to meditation, guided meditation apps like Mindbody, The Mindfulness App or Headspace are helpful in training yourself. Doing this daily has the power to lower your stress levels and allow you to quiet your mind each morning. And, around Summit Creek, it’s incredibly easy to find peaceful meditation spots just beyond your home. Take a morning stroll to The Overlook and let your session begin.


You don’t need fancy yoga gear or a robust class schedule to achieve a valuable session. All you need is a little knowledge on some of the simpler poses: how to get into them and how to maximize your time in them. Even the most novice of yogis can achieve the following poses and reap the benefits.

1. Downward facing dog: Your body is an inverted V with feet at hip-width distance apart and knees slightly bent. Hold for three breaths.
2. Tree pose: Stand tall, shift your weight to the left leg and place the sole of your right foot on the inner part of your left thigh. Place hands in prayer position in front of you. Take a few deep inhales and exhales for about 30 seconds and switch sides.
3. Child’s pose: Sit on your heels then roll your torso forward. Lower your chest to your knees and your forehead to your mat. Extend your arms and breathe there for a bit.

Summit Creek’s Fitness Center features an expansive yoga and pilates studio with ample room to stretch and take in the views.

Swim or Bathe

A morning swim or spa soak does more than wake you up—it actually reduces stress levels. Before you dive into emails, calls or texts, delve into the placid water that awaits. By taking a morning swim amongst the mountains at Summit Creek’s community pool, you are forced to control your breathing and thus circulate more oxygen throughout your body. Swimming requires full focus, much like meditation, and promotes great internal calm. The soothing strokes and rhythms act as a part of the healing power of water. The same is true of a spa soak—you simply let the water take over and heal your body to naturally reduce your stress levels.


While a cup of coffee feels like a warm and familiar go-to each morning, some sources suggest there’s a better option. There’s a common thought that substituting coffee for warm water with lemon is the best way to start your morning. The humble mixture is believed to naturally boost your metabolism and your energy levels without the side effects that are associated with caffeine from non-herbal teas and coffee. Plus, a warm cup of lemon water goes well with Summit Creek’s spectacular natural backdrop.


A morning walk along Summit Creek’s community trails is an inspiring way to begin your day. While the sounds of the outdoors surround and relax you, so too does the scenery. Because of Summit Creek’s location and the pristine condition of its trails, you are able to see nature in all its glory: birds soaring overhead, small critters running about, trees blowing in the morning breeze, flowers opening up to the morning sunlight. It’s simply a sight to behold and something truly special to incorporate into your morning. The scene is both familiar and new each time. The stillness of the morning will allow you to clear and quiet your mind before tackling whatever that day holds.

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