Photo Showcase: Peaks of Springtime in Utah


Spring hasn’t quite yet sprung in the Wasatch, but the day is surely on its way. One of the greatest seasons to witness our state’s true colors, both literally and figuratively, Spring in Utah is teeming with vibrant blooms, widespread greenery and—of course—the reintroduction of some of our favorite outdoor activities. While we could try to explain the beloved Spring lifestyle at Summit Creek, we do believe a photo speaks a thousand words. Below, get a glimpse of the beauty that this much-anticipated season affords.


Situated on the north-facing slope of Loafer Mountain, Summit Creek enjoys greenery year-round with a breadth of evergreens entirely unique to our property. Yet, Spring is a distinct season with its breathtaking blooms. It won’t be hard to keep your eye out for bright daffodils and tulips.

Mountain Valley Range




The vegetation and moisture of surrounding greenery in the Wasatch brings in our greatest neighbors: elk, deer, wild turkeys, bald eagles, among countless others. In nearby wetlands, you can see waterfowl and shorebirds amidst their Spring migration.





While residents enjoy several winter activities in the backcountry, Spring does, indeed, allow for more outdoor excursions. Whether you choose to hike, mountain bike or explore via ranger, you’ll certainly witness the season’s most inspiring landscape.

Mountain Biking

4-Wheel Ranger

Hiking Trail

Outdoor Yoga

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