How Mountain Living in Utah Leads to a Healthier Life

The white noise of traffic replaced by the sweet sound of silence; birds chirping to tell of a new day; the endless possibility of adventure ahead; and, a new, more revived you—that’s mountain living. More specifically, that’s mountain living in Utah.

Along the foothills of the Wasatch Range, a pristine wilderness envelops each luxurious mountain home that makes up the lush community of Summit Creek. The real estate offerings are no doubt, special. Why? Well, because beyond the square footage and decadent features, like handcrafted stonework, each home is designed to immerse their residents in mountain living.

Where High Elevation Meets High Design

A Summit Creek mountain home offers a blending of opulence with nature, and the benefits are endless. It’s been proven that mountain living is restorative, transformative and, ultimately, ideal for better physical health and quality of life. When you live amidst the mountains, it’s difficult not to spend more of your time outdoors, connected to the landscape rather than your wifi.

Amidst the opportunity that lies within the outdoors, the properties that make up Summit Creek’s community are rustic, contemporary and elegant, each dedicating itself to bringing the outdoor experience in by way oversized windows, majestic views and outdoor living spaces that make the wilderness a part of daily living, from first light to evenings around the fire.

Live Fully, Live Healthy

Mountain living, and the Summit Creek lifestyle in particular, is a unique experience in that it offers the opportunity to change the way you approach your overall wellbeing. Exercise is no longer bound to class times, digital sign-ups or equipment (unless you want it to be). Instead, that can all take place in the great outdoors on community hiking and biking trails—an exercise environment proven to have a greater mental payoff than any treadmill or row machine. You’ll also find yourself relaxing alongside the Summit Creek Swimming Pool, which nods to nature through it’s impressive stone water features and views of the surrounding mountains and valley.

The air quality of the mountains has also been tied to a full, healthy life. The unspoiled mountain air is clean and—set away from pollution, noise and traffic—mountain living makes you feel whole and alive. Simply put, it’s an unmatched full-sensory experience. You see peaks and valleys. You hear the sounds of nature, from wind rustling through trees to the stillness of night. You can feel the clean air and the breeze. You taste your food thoughtfully and mindfully. You smell flowers, rain and even heat more intensely.

Climb That Mountain

A move to the Utah mountains creates a sense of exhilaration and true inspiration that we believe you might be hardpressed to find elsewhere. The chances to explore nature but still live in the comforts of a luxurious mountain home are here. Each day is a new experience when you opt to relocate to the mountains. And, who’s not after a new, rich, nature-laced life experience day after day?

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