Why Living Near BYU Means Better Living

BYU Drone View

For all of the wonder and excitement that the state of Utah provides—exceptional skiing, exposure to nature and a relaxed atmosphere—the state is likewise celebrated for its commitment to education. Say hello to BYU.

Luckily, for those who live at Summit Creek, they are mere minutes from Brigham Young University and what some refer to as the BYU mountains. And with this University comes an incredible living experience for those close by.

The university dedicates time to research, exploration and giving—among other things.

But beyond the institution’s educational mission and its devotion to its students, BYU offers a lot to Utah residents.

With a strong presence in the community, this university’s standout happenings are simply awaiting yours.

BYU Takes Its Sports Seriously

When school commences in the fall, the games begin. Football season arrives with pomp as the locals turn out to attend university games, sporting BYU’s team colors and proudly displaying the Cougar mascot.

Under the shadow of the “Y” (or what many refer to as the “BYU Mountains”), BYU’s sports initiative delivers with action-packed games.

They even host postseason all-star games along with other off season events that locals enjoy as well.


As with past years, the 2018 season—which kicks off September 1, 2018—promises the same BYU excitement and pride that everyone loves.

BYU also delivers in the men’s and women’s volleyball arenas, hosting exciting games from January through April.

Much like the football players, the volleyball players are a focused and intense group of students, who never cease to make BYU proud thanks to strong recruiting, expert coaching and impressive records.

Currently the men’s volleyball team is in full swing with a busy schedule. The women’s team, however, is just gearing up for spring practice, which you can check out as well.

BYU’s Stunning Visual Arts

In addition to the sports scene at BYU, there’s also a great deal of support for the university’s commitment to art.

The BYU Museum of Art maintains a rotating roster of art exhibits and featured artists throughout the year. In the past they featured every original painting from Carl Bloch.

Even before entering, its strong and thoughtful presence is palpable, designed by Los Angeles architect James Langenheim, and boasts a contemporary modern style with a host of natural light flowing through and the mountains as its backdrop.

BYU's Art Museum

The BYU Museum of Art showcases thought provoking sketches, like those M.C. Escher and Gabriel Dawe’s Plexus no. 29.

In addition, the museum hosts  several other intriguing exhibits. As a result, BYU’s Museum of Art is a destination for many locals and visitors alike.

Performing Arts at Brigham Young University

While the visual arts vibe is strong at BYU, so too are the performance arts. BYU’s Performance Arts Department features a wealth of talented students, faculty and staff.

Utah locals consistently turn out to see symphonic performances, acrobatic displays, dancing, singing and modern adaptations of classics like MacBeth and more.

Performing Arts at BYU

And, naturally when the holiday season rolls around, BYU is as active as ever. The University hosts an annual Christmas Around the World show. This show is designed to showcase and celebrate diversity around the world through music and dance.

It’s a large scale production which includes over 200 performers and musicians. The BYU Arts department takes the lead on this and inspires each year.

BYU’s Family Friend Environment

Because BYU is so influential within the community, they also cater to families with children with the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum.

It’s a welcomed pastime for families and a day of both learning and adventure for the kids. Loaded with fresh exhibits, events like Night at the Museum, live animal shows and interactive events like coloring contests, the museum is committed to keep kids engaged and learning.

Science Museum at BYU

*Photos courtesy of BYU

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