Becki Owens at Summit Creek: “Like you’re floating along the mountainside.”


Summit Creek’s newest developer-built home immediately stuns with its relaxed yet sophisticated aesthetic that perfectly accentuates the surrounding landscape. Undeniably alluring, this modern masterpiece boasts the Judge’s Choice Award at the 2019 Utah Valley Parade of Homes. Interior designer Becki Owens (here), in collaboration with Split Rock Homes and architect Rob McQuay, deserves the credit. We sat down with the Utah-raised, California-based interior designer to learn about her approach, process, and inspiration.

What inspired your design direction for this particular mountain home?

Becki Owens Response:

Upon entering, floor-to-ceiling windows frame dramatic views of the natural surroundings, making you feel like you’re floating along the mountainside. Whether pulling from colors and patterns that reflected the surrounding landscape or positioning interiors to draw complement the home’s floor-to-ceiling windows, we wanted the interiors to reflect that natural beauty, but with a modern, contemporary vibe.

Becki Owens, Split Rock Custom Homes Collaboration – Living room

How does your design approach differ when it comes to interior design for mountain homes?

Becki Owens Response:

Becki Owens: This particular mountain home will experience a variety of climates. From a design standpoint, it’s key to create an atmosphere that will suit all seasons. There are areas designed to both entertain inside during the cooler months and gather outside, immersed in the natural landscape. Plus, several fire elements are weaved throughout indoor and outdoor spaces to create an intimate feel. The entire home can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Becki Owens, Split Rock Custom Homes Collaboration – Office

What is your method when crafting a seamless indoor-outdoor living experience in the home?

Becki Owens Response:

Becki Owens: When you transition from the interior to the exterior, you want to make it feel like a continuation of the same room. For each space, we used textures and a color palette that were very similar, but not exact, to help accomplish a seamless flow throughout the home.

Becki Owens, Split Rock Custom Homes Collaboration – Bunk Room

How did Summit Creek’s natural landscape inspire this home’s colors, materials, and textures?

Becki Owens Response:

Becki Owens: Typically, you will see mountain homes feature wood materials due to the nature of their location. We wanted to change it up with patterns and colors that you wouldn’t expect, but still reflected the natural splendor of the area. For example, we used a wood Chevron pattern on the master bath’s ceiling to create the feeling of being nestled under the trees. In the great room, we used a small-scale Chevron tile in black to add a dramatic element. And, to evoke the feeling of floating alongside stone hillsides, we used marble-like quartz slabs throughout the home.

Primary Bathroom

What did you enjoy most about working on this particular project?

Becki Owens Response:

Becki Owens: I enjoyed playing with a bold, neutral palette while working with touches of muted color to soften the space. Summit Creek’s mountainside residential community has a modern contemporary feel fused with natural elements—it’s the perfect blend for those who want both sophisticated, clean lines and warmth in their home.

Becki Owens, Split Rock Custom Homes Collaboration – Views

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