How to Give Back to the Mother We Share

Rocky Mountain Range

While we head out to celebrate our own mothers, wives, sisters, aunts and friends this weekend, at Summit Creek we’re also celebrating the mother we all share—Mother Earth. With one look at the mountains that surround us, the unobstructed sky above us and the flora and fauna that surround us, we can’t help but feel entirely grateful for the grace she brings to our lives each day.

In fact, there’s no better way to spend mom’s day than out amongst nature, together. Not sure where to start? Read on below.

Let Your Garden Grown

Some of our best moments with mom growing up were spent creating. This Mother’s Day, step into the garden with mom to catch up while you bring beauty to your environment and cleanse the air you breathe. Whether inside or out, adding plants eliminates carbon from the air, as plants take in CO2 and give back oxygen. Gardening also helps to preserve wildlife by creating ecosystems for smaller life forms.

Mountain House

Natural Noshing

When living at Summit Creek it’s hard not to eat healthy, especially with Good Earth Natural Foods just nine miles away. Head to your closest natural food store and whip up a nutritious brunch for mom. Fill her morning with fresh organic fruits, homemade pastries, organic eggs and more. Eating whole foods is doing your part for a better earth and cooking together is a beautiful way to strengthen the relationship that nourishes you both.


Drive + Hike

Summit Creek, and the area that surrounds, has no shortage of scenic drives. Take mom out for the day and take in all of the beauty the Wasatch Range has to offer. Head to our neighboring Loafer mountain and soak in the views. Leave your phones at home and connect in another way. Truly devote some time to the great outdoors and to your mom, by getting outside and exploring. You’ll foster a greater sense of gratitude for one another and the planet.

Aspen Trees

Eco Beauty + Wellness

Give your mom a day of beauty and/or wellness at the Sundance Resort Spa. Here, she can partake in wellness retreats, designed to do good from the inside out, such as the upcoming Mountain Mindful retreat, centered around hiking, restorative yoga, massage and meditation. By calming the mind and body and immersing within nature, we can change our approach to living and contribute to a more conscious planet. And mom can always use some pampering.

Yoga Equipment

Thank you to all of the wonderful mothers who continue to shape our community and our beautiful planet and Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Summit Creek.

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