How Do You Know When You’re Home?

Mountain Home

How do you know when you’re home? While seemingly simple, this question is layered with ambiguity and emotion. Yes, you may know when you’ve physically arrived at your own house but, in reality, not every house is a home. At Summit Creek, your home isn’t just a masterfully crafted mountain residence—it’s where lifelong memories are made, character is built and love is found.

Check off the list below and you’ll know home is right here at Summit Creek.

You Enjoy Rustic Luxury

The first thing you’ll feel when you’re home—both physically and spiritually—is a palpable, warm embrace as soon as you enter the front door. At Summit Creek, our residences are brimming with natural light by virtue of soaring ceilings, floor-to-ceiling glass windows and an organic interior aesthetic. Here, you feel comfortable. You’re enveloped by details both rustic and luxurious that afford a well-appointed mountain lifestyle.

Living Room

You Always Opt Outside

The second thing you’ll notice when you arrive home at Summit Creek is the unique ability to fulfill your desire to opt for the outdoors. Here, you’re surrounded by like-minded, adventurous people who take advantage of the infinite natural wonders that lie just beyond their doorstep. You’ll find that instead of sitting indoors on a warm summer day, you’re hiking, mountain biking, fly fishing, scouting the backcountry via ranger. For you, the opportunities seem endless—because, well, when you’re home, they are.


You Appreciate the Simple Things

At Summit Creek, you live for simplicity. In the thralls of acres ideal for traversing, you value the incredible land upon which you live and the sunrises and sunsets spent alongside friends and family. This is where you’re able to live both wild and well, above the bustle in the valley below. Here, the cycle of seasons fuels your soul, and your home—no matter the time of year—retains the sweetness you’ve grown to so endlessly crave.


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