BYU Basketball Coach Dave Rose Shares His Journey to Summit Creek

Dave Rose BYU Basketball Coach

For Dave Rose—acclaimed head coach of the BYU Cougars men’s basketball team—buying a homesite at Summit Creek was a no brainer. From beating pancreatic cancer to leading one of the nation’s top-ranking basketball teams, he was in need of a retreat to escape the day’s stressors and fully immerse himself in Utah’s natural splendor. To learn about his journey to Summit Creek, we sat down with Dave to discuss life, lessons and how our natural environment in the Wasatch proves to be one of the greatest health benefits of all.

How did you first hear about Summit Creek? What was your first impression?
My wife and I had been looking at mountain lots for a few years without being able to find exactly what we were looking for. Our real estate agent told us about Summit Creek and we decided to go check it out. We were shocked by how beautiful it was there and impressed by the development and all the amenities. It immediately felt like home.

What was it about the homesites within The Preserve at Summit Creek that made you want to buy there?
We knew exactly where we wanted to situate our home so we could take advantage of the mountain and valley views. We loved the privacy that the gated community provided, but also appreciated having wonderful neighbors so we didn’t feel isolated.

What’s your favorite aspect of Summit Creek?
It’s hard to narrow it down to a single favorite thing about Summit Creek, but I think the views would have to be what we love most. We love sitting outside and watching the deer and elk that come through the neighborhood; the storms that roll through the valley; and of course the gorgeous sunsets each and every night.

We imagine your position as BYU’s head basketball coach is demanding. Do you find a sense of tranquility up in the mountains at Summit Creek?
I have found that the drive to and from work has become a real stress reliever for me. It’s a time that I can reflect and collect my thoughts. It’s helped me establish a buffer between the stressors at work and my home.

Beyond coaching, what hobbies do you have? Any outdoor activities or adventures that you love in the Wasatch?
My wife and I love to travel, and we’ve been lucky enough to see some amazing places.
We’ve taken up a new hobby since buying our lot in Summit Creek. My wife surprised me with a Jeep for my 60th birthday, and we’ve loved exploring the mountains in that. And I do like to golf when I have the time. Three courses that I enjoy playing are Riverside Country Club, Hobble Creek and Gladstan Golf Course (which is five minutes from Summit Creek).

We understand that you miraculously beat pancreatic cancer. Can you tell us a bit about that journey? What got you through it?
I was diagnosed with a Pancreatic NeuroEndocrine Tumor in 2009. It was a very difficult time for me and my family. We were able to get through it in thanks to very skilled surgeons & oncologists in Las Vegas and Salt Lake City. Every single person we worked with at Spring Valley Hospital and at the Huntsman Cancer Institute helped us through that time. I am also grateful for everyone who prayed for me and my family.

It’s known that consistent exposure to nature has tremendous health benefits. What has been your experience with this?
When I was recovering from surgery and trying to figure out what the future would hold for myself and my family, I used to look out the window of my hospital room and find peace and strength in the amazing view of Salt Lake Valley. As soon as I was well enough, my wife would bring me to a spot outside where we could see the mountains. In my experience, nature has played an important part in my healing and in finding peace and strength.

What’s the biggest life lesson you share with your children and players?
I try to help them be happy in the moment. We need to enjoy the wins and the great moments in life when they come, and not worry so much about the losses or the inevitable disappointments. All we can do is learn from those things and move on to the next opportunity. But we can always choose to be happy now.

What’s next in life after coaching?
That’s a great question. Whenever that time comes, I’m sure it will include more time with my grandkids. I know my wife and I will still continue to travel. I also anticipate that my golf game might improve since I’ll have more time to practice. I know we’ll be excited to enjoy our new home and spend a little more time together. We’ll also be able to finally enjoy BYU games as fans—I’ll always be happy to cheer on the Cougars.

If you were recommending Summit Creek to someone, what would you tell them about it?
If you love nature and beautiful views in an incredible neighborhood with some of the kindest people we know, then Summit Creek is for you.

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