Best Flowers to Plant (or Bring Inside) this Spring

From colorful wildflowers that blanket the mountains and valleys to beautiful rose bushes that brighten private gardens, Utah is where hundreds of flowers take root and thrive. Whether you’re looking for beautiful buds to plant on your own or gorgeous blooms to pick up from a local florist, here are five of the best flowers to plant (or purchase) around Summit Creek this spring. 


From golden hues to rosy tints, tulips are synonymous with spring. As the weather warms, Summit Creek residents can make the hour-long drive to Thanksgiving Point to enjoy the annual Tulip Festival, where nearly 300,000 tulips cover the grounds in a kaleidoscope of color. After meandering through the fields of flowers, stop by to support a local floral shop and pick up a bouquet of tulips—they add a dose of cheeriness to every mountain home. 


Known for their sunny petals and sturdy green stalks, sunflowers can often be spotted in the wild on mountainside hikes around Summit Creek. Brighten up your home by pairing them with daisies, roses, or eucalyptus for a striking centerpiece. You can even try your hand at growing these gorgeous flowers in your own backyard so you can enjoy their beauty all summer long. 


Roses are a staple in Utah, and for good reason. They grow easily in the local soil and environment, and come in almost every color imaginable. Whether you want to add color to your front garden or surprise your family and friends with fresh-cut bouquets, these versatile flowers are the way to go. 


If you’re ready to plant a new kind of bloom, you can’t go wrong with daylilies. These flowering plants come in a variety of colors, from deep red and yellow to bright orange. Most importantly, they function well in Utah’s soil and climate, which makes them a good option for new gardeners. 


Here’s a true showstopper. Ranging in color from snow-white to deep bluish-purple, these rich bundles of globe-like blossoms brighten up outdoor shaded areas—as well as any room of the house in bouquet form. They are relatively easy to grow and maintain, which makes them another solid choice for novice gardeners. 

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