6 Northern Utah Locales Primed for Fall Fishing

Summit Creek, with it’s mountain homes, idyllic mountain living experience and symbiotic relationship with the earth, affords residents a wealth of opportunity to get out and explore the great outdoors. But, of course, being that this great state is abundant with natural beauty, adventure also lies just beyond our gates. With summer winding down, there’s no doubt you’ll want to take advantage of the last of the mild weather, and nothing satisfies like a good old fashioned fishing trip. Here, we’ve gathered six destinations amidst Northern Utah that enjoy a bounty of fish. Throw your line and see what bites.

Electric Lake

About an hour and 30 minutes from Summit Creek lies the incredible Electric Lake: a long, narrow, deep reservoir nestled in the heart of the northern end of the Manti-La Sal National Forest. Notable as Utah’s last bastion for the Yellowstone cutthroat, Electric Lake is home is a gorgeous strain of the West’s native trout, in addition to several other species, such as kokanee salmon. One major benefit of fishing Electric Lake is the lack of tackle restrictions and vast number of other nearby waters. Try wading into the shallow north end of the lake for an unforgettable fly-fishing experience.

Deer Creek Reservoir

A short 52 minute drive will lead you to Deer Creek Reservoir. Located in Deer Creek State Park, hills surround the reservoir and the perfect fishing spot awaits you. Here, you’ll find walleye and bass, but you might even catch a few quagga mussels. Ideal for a day trip, Deer Creek is a beautiful experience that doesn’t require too much of a time commitment.

Jordanelle Reservoir

Create a solid playlist and head down to Jordanelle Reservoir, just 10 miles north of Heber and an hour and 18 minutes away from Summit Creek. The reservoir, which is in the heart of Jordanelle State Park, is expansive with three access points, each offering opportunities for fishing. The Rock Cliff entry point is known for its tranquility, ideal for a quiet afternoon of catching. What you can expect to hook here includes anything from yellow perch to rainbow trout, small and largemouth bass and brown trout.

Rockport Reservoir

Home to rainbow, brown and tiger trout, as well as small and largemouth bass, Rockport Reservoir is a favorite among Utah locals not only because of its close proximity to Salt Lake City, but for its sheer charm and accessibility. Summer fishing is best here as the location is a true spectacle when nature takes over. About an hour and a half drive from Summit Creek, this popular fishing spot requires a visit before summer’s end.

Provo River

A fly fisher’s paradise? That’s the Provo River: a mere one hour and 13 minute drive from the lush mountain homes of Summit Creek. The catch limit is low and most sections only allow artificial flies and lures, but the experience itself is priceless. Here, you’ll find tons of trout species including brown, cutthroat and rainbow trout, mountain whitefish, white bass and walleye. With up to 3,000+ trout per mile and some record sized fish, fishing these pristine waters is an experience ideal for both first timers and the experienced.

Pineview Reservoir

With tree covered-mountains as its backdrop, Pineview Reservoir is worth the two hour drive from Summit Creek. Here, in the beautiful Ogden Valley, you’ll experience a unique fishing experience. With the option to fish while boating, wading or standing along the shoreline, you’ll take in the scenery as you hook from the area’s large variety of fish species including black crappie, bullhead catfish, common carp, rainbow trout, yellow perch and more.

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