5 Homes You Won’t Believe Are In Utah

From the Wasatch Mountains to 5 National Parks, Utah is quite a sight for sore eyes. Its beautiful mountainous landscape lends itself to some incredible views and scenery.

But that’s not all Utah has to offer. It is also home to some absolutely stunning houses.

No, this isn’t a joke. The Beehive State, more specifically, luxury community Summit Creek, features some jaw-dropping homes.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so we’ll let photos of these contemporary mountain masterpieces do most of the talking!

Lot 17

This home has everything from a spacious yet welcoming living room and the dream kitchen upstairs to the sauna, private pool, and covered deck.

This luxurious home is designed for maximum comfort while still capturing the stunning 360-degree views outside.

And let’s not forget about the spacious living room downstairs as well as the entertainment area! 

Lot 6

This house is designed to encapsulate the incredible mountainous views with amazing large windows. 

Its big, open floor plan is perfect for gathering, whether in the main living space, kitchen, or large deck area with a hot tub.

Lot 39

Like all the custom homes built in Summit Creek, this house focuses on ample open floor space.

The large and luxurious deck outside lends itself to be the perfect vantage point of the valley below and for gatherings that last late into the night.

From its lavish master bedroom to the breathtaking gathering room, all the way down to the fully equipped recreation area downstairs, this house has everything you need to wind down, spend time with your loved ones, and enjoy every single moment.

Lot 55

Are you noticing a pattern yet? If not, we’ll help you out: This home was carefully designed with space in mind. 

Its expansive backyard and fire pit are perfect for those special family and friend gatherings. 

And its open floor plan provides ample room inside to host and make memories for a lifetime. 

Lot 57

This mountain masterpiece captures the beautiful landscape outside of its large windows and provides both comfort and luxury.

Its gorgeous deck provides incredible views for miles on end, and its spacious gathering space inside is perfect for any occasion.

And let’s not forget about the open kitchen area, beautiful loft, and more. 

Summit Creek: Building The Home of Your Dreams

Summit Creek is focused on building custom homes that mark off all the checkboxes on your dream checklist.

With the beautiful mountains and landscape all around, Summit Creek resides within nature, not above it.

Each home capitalizes on the beauty of the environment and creates the perfect refuge from the busy world. Summit Creek’s architectural luxury make it the perfect community to grow and make memories for a lifetime.

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