5 Holiday Traditions to Adopt Amongst the Great Outdoors

As the cool fall air garners a crisp winter chill, many believe it’s time to say farewell to their most beloved outdoor activities. And, as the holidays sneak upon us, plenty of families tend to adopt traditions that take place indoors and fireside. But, at Summit Creek, our doors don’t close as the seasons change; rather, we open our doors to new traditions amongst the beauty of the backcountry. Here, one’s best memories are made amidst nature’s reign, and we invite those who’ve shut their doors to embrace the same outdoor traditions that we, as a community, live out and look forward to each year.

Winter Solstice Hike

The astronomical winter solstice is the perfect day to head outdoors and capitalize upon winter’s shortest day and longest night. With boundless trails just beyond your doorstep at Summit Creek, it’s simple to make a winter solstice hike the ultimate family tradition. Come December 21, 2017, put on your boots or snowshoes and experience the backcountry’s untrammeled winter charm; the December solstice has played an important role in cultures worldwide, so now’s the time to have it play a part in yours.

Holiday Scavenger Hunt

A holiday scavenger hunt may seem atypical, but all the best family traditions are—they’re what set you and yours apart from the rest. And, there’s no better way to experience the splendor of the outdoors than while meandering the ins and outs of the foothills in search for clues. Whether you want some fresh air after a big Thanksgiving meal or hope to begin a new Christmas Eve tradition, get your kids outside and set them upon a fun-filled, exciting hunt for a simple treasure.

String Outdoor Lights

There’s no doubt that some of our best Christmas memories are made while decorating the tree and placing holiday knick-knacks all around the house. This tradition has become so popular, in fact, that we’ve begun to disregard the custom of outdoor decorating. But, who wouldn’t want to extend the tradition of decking the halls? Bring the family outdoors, play your favorite Christmas carols and string some lights amongst the pines to create the ultimate home facade, together.

Visit a Local Tree Farm

While it may be tempting to purchase an immaculate Christmas tree from a nearby nursery, consider placing your own personal touch on this holiday tradition. Get the family together and head into the backcountry to cut down your own—the imperfections are what make each tree so uniquely perfect. Purchase a $10 permit from the Spanish Fork District Ranger and trek into the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest while following these guidelines. And, after a fulfilling day of exploration, you can warm up with a cup of hot cocoa while hanging the ornaments.

S’mores & Hot Chocolate

While we all treasure the memories of making s’mores as the summer sun falls behind the Wasatch Range, it’s time to make this adored activity a year-round tradition. Set the fire pit ablaze, put on your coziest hats, coats and slippers and head outdoors to indulge in your favorite treat. To give this tradition a winter spin, however, brew up a pot of rich hot chocolate for both the kids and adults to sip as the stars begin to peep.

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