4 Meditative Moments in Our Backyard

At this time, we could all use more moments of calm in our day-to-day routines. Thankfully, there are many meditative, feel-good ways Summit Creek residents can find solace during this time. Here are four ways we can reconnect and recharge—right in our backyard.

Get Some Fresh Air

Few things can put you in a better headspace than exercising. And at Summit Creek, you don’t have to leave the property to get in a good sweat. From solo fat-tire biking to hiking, you can easily embark on an outdoor adventure that will allow you to soak up our natural landscape while getting some much-needed cardio in.

Count Your Lucky Stars

Turn off the lights in your home and head out to the backyard to stargaze under our tremendously clear, twinkling night sky. Take this moment to listen to the nature sounds around you, get lost in the stars above and reflect on the good things in your life.

Watch the Wildlife

Summit Creek’s verdant landscape is home to elk, deer, bald eagles, wild turkeys and several other kinds of wildlife. Soothe your spirits by seeing how many types of wildlife you can count in one sitting. You can even set up an easel to paint or sketch the wild critters that cross your path.

Wake Up with the Sun

Start your day off on the right foot by watching the sunrise over the Wasatch Range. Grab a thermos of coffee and a blanket and pick out a prime spot outdoors to watch the sun illuminate the sky with iridescent bursts of color. And, if you’re not a morning person, don’t worrythere’s always sunset.

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